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Procurement and Supply System
Procurement and Supply System that ensures stable year-round supply of materials
Stocks of sardines in Japan have been decreasing steadily, and it has become difficult to ensure a stable supply to meet demand. Kimura Kaisan surveyed available stocks outside of Japan (in Indonesia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Korea, and elsewhere) and has provided technical assistance to our business partners in these countries. Through such efforts, we improve product quality and ensure a stable supply of the products to customers.
Domestic and overseas supply ingredients of chirimen-jako
Procurement of materials at home and abroad
Main Products
To ensure a stable year-round supply of safe and high-quality materials, Kimura Kaisan procures materials from domestic and overseas sources. We set strict safety standard both at our main and overseas factories and place our staff at our operating sites abroad. Under such strict control, we deliver safe Chirimen-Jako to the customers.
Ensure a stable supply of easy-to-process and easy-to-use ingredient
Ensure a stable supply of easy-to-process and easy-to-use ingredient

Chirimen-Jako with white color and soft texture has great potential as an ingredient for a wide range of dishes. We guarantee a stable supply of this ingredient, meeting a variety of requirements such as customers’ different preference in taste and texture in various regions, various product sizes and an option of domestic and imported products. Domestic and overseas supply ingredients of Chirimen-Jako