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Corporate Philosophy
We contribute to nurturing food culture.

-Tradition our ancestors have developed over generations and up-to-date equipment based on modern technologies-

We at Kimura Kaisan have combined these factors and pioneered in creating unique food culture. We maintain our basic philosophy that we make full use of the characteristics of food material while responding to diversifying people’s needs such as safety, health and healing. We are able to contribute to our food culture only by maintaining such stance.
Delivering the bounty of the seas Delivering the bounty of the seas
We deliver to customers high quality and safe chirimen-jako, wishing their good health.
Kimura Kaisan was incorporated and has done business as a company which primarily deals with the processing and sales of dried young sardines (or "Chirimen-Jako"-the general term for the fry of Japanese anchovies [Katakuchi-Iwashi], Japanese sardines [Ma-Iwashi], and other small fish) caught in the Seto Inland Sea.
While a variety in their use is widening, demand for these small, dried sardines has grown significantly in recent years as people are increasingly health-conscious and value calcium and other nutrients contained in the product.
However, Japan's stocks of these fish have declined rapidly in recent years and many processing companies have difficulties in continuing their business. Having foreseen such development, Kimura Kaisan pioneered in pursuing supply sources abroad and developing supply channels there. We have also continued to develop high value-added products. For quality of the products, we strive to supply safe products which meet our strict company quality standards.
Kimura Kaisan Co., Ltd.