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Privacy Policy
Management of Website; Disclaimer of Warranties

Kimura Kaisan Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) pays appropriate attention to the management of this Website and security of the server. However, there may be cases that this Website will not function property due to man-made falsification by third party, mechanical defects caused by malfunction of the server or other devices and any other cause outside our control. The Company may, from time to time, change any content of this Website without prior notice.

This Privacy Policy applies to the following website. For any website which is linked to this Website and operated by any other company or individual, please refer to each privacy policy for such company or individual, which is posted on its website. However, if there is any difference in the content of such privacy policy and this Privacy Policy, such privacy policy shall prevail.  (Official website for Kimura Kaisan Co., Ltd.)
Copyrights, etc.
Any copyright or right of portrait in any content of this Website shall be owned by the Company. Without obtaining prior consent from relevant copyright holder, you may not use such content except in case of such private use as is permitted under applicable laws and regulations.
Link to this Website
If you intend to link your website to this Website, you must contact the Company beforehand through this e-mail address and inform the Company of name of the site operator, purpose of the link and URL of linked site. You must, in principle, link your website to the home page of this Website ( The Company has the right to decline your request.
Protection of personal information
The Company may obtain your personal information through its website mail and use it for any service the Company will provide to you. In such case, the Company will protect your personal information as written below in accordance with Personal Information Protection Policy for the Company.
When the Company obtains your personal information on this Website, the Company will disclose the purpose of the use and will not use such information for any other purpose. The Company will appoint a person who is responsible for the management of such personal information the Company obtained and manage such information in an appropriate manner. 
If there is any specific comment on the handling of customer’s personal information on this Website, such comment shall prevail. To view Personal Information Protection Policy for the Company, please visit this page.
Posted on May 7, 2010
When we amend this policy, we will notify by placing a notice on this page.